Cappuccino Cowboys

If you're not first, at least you've got a Cappuccino.


Back in 2016, 

a young man by the name of James Walmsley had the desire to make a Cappuccino faster than anyone had ever done it. "Why?" they asked him. "Limits are meant to be pushed, boundaries, broken, and Cappuccinos, well, they shouldn't take a long time to make, I don't think," he responded. Those words will forever be etched in our minds. Jim attempted this foamy latte later that day. He only got 93% of they way through, but he was on track to complete it almost an hour faster than anyone ever has. Even though he didn't fully accomplish his feat, a movement was started, a ripple in the milk, cast out from the steam wand. People noticed and gravitated toward him. These followers and the failure himself have come to be known as the Cappuccino Cowboys. These are their stories.